Logitech’s ingenious new keyboard is useable in VR – Peripherals – Virtual/Augmented reality – Keyboards & Mice

Because typing in a spaceship beats a desk.

So you’ve pulled off heists, driven sports cars and even been the Batman in VR, but have you ever tried anything as basic as using a keyboard? Even for veteran touch typists, it’s damn near impossible.

Logitech, clearly realising this, has built a version of its G gaming keyboards that can be used in VR. In the top left corner of the device sits an HTC Vive Tracker, essentially the gateway from real to virtual world. Once you’ve put theheadset on, a digitally rendered keyboard will appear in front of you, along with models of your hands. Theoretically, this means you could easily chat to friends in messaging apps, browse the web or even pen your memoirs, all while visiting a hostile alien planet. There’s plenty of potential for gaming, too.

Logitech has slapped a $US150 price tag on the keyboard, but it will initially only be available to developers. Here’s hoping all those clever people can get them on the shelves.

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