Monthly Archives: November 2017

Review: Armageddon Stealth Raptor MKA-7 keyboard – Peripherals – Keyboards & Mice

A good keyboard, but pricey. Despite the aggressively militaristic/sci-fi name, the Stealth Raptor is actually quite an understated keyboard, eschewing the frills and blinking lights of the high end gaming keyboard market. It’s a fairly basic looking slab of black plastic without much in the way or ornamentation or excess aside from two selector buttons […]

One Minute Review: Logitech G PowerPlay Wireless Charging System – Keyboards & Mice

Do you hate charging your mouse? So does Logitech. Here’s a $200 mouse pad. As far as the mousing goes it’s a great surface, nice and hard and very slidey. It doesn’t move around on the desk and offers a reversible hard (good) or soft (bad) choice of surfaces. It also charges wireless mice, specifically […]

Cooler Master reveals new MasterKeys MK750 gaming keyboard – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

Cooler Master’s latest keyboard offers minimalist design and Cherry switches. Cooler Master’s new MasterKeys MK750 comes with all the trimmings this festive season*. It boasts RGB backlighting, because you’ll be kicked out of PC CLUB if you don’t, dedicated multimedia keys, a magnetic wrist rest (which means you can remove it, not that it’s for […]

Razer’s new BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard can survive a splash – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

Clumsy gamers rejoice. They say three things are certain in this life: death, taxes and – at some point – knocking a full can of Coke all over your keyboard. The latter is a constantly looming threat for PC gamers, especially the type prone to wildly lashing out when a camping sniper takes them out […]

Review: Logitech Craft keyboard – Keyboards & Mice

A beautifully engineered wireless keyboard, and the dial is handy for creative tasks. When you’re charging this much for a keyboard, the marketing team has its work cut out. While an official Australian RRP hasn’t been announced, the US price gives a fair indication it won’t be budget. See that knob embedded in the top […]

Turn your mechanical keyboard into a Next Generation LCARS interface – Keyboards & Mice

Roddenberry Shop reveals a custom key-cap set that’ll put you on the bridge of the Enterprise D. When the Roddenberry Shop works on a new Star Trek collectible, it really takes its job seriously. Check out this new set of keycaps for Cherry MX mechanicaly keyboards to see what I mean – each is coloured based […]

Logitech’s ingenious new keyboard is useable in VR – Peripherals – Virtual/Augmented reality – Keyboards & Mice

Because typing in a spaceship beats a desk. So you’ve pulled off heists, driven sports cars and even been the Batman in VR, but have you ever tried anything as basic as using a keyboard? Even for veteran touch typists, it’s damn near impossible. Logitech, clearly realising this, has built a version of its G gaming […]