Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Rymek retro mechanical keyboard is a typewriter with modern smarts for your iPad and PC – Misc Handhelds – Keyboards & Mice

Just our type. Modern writers might find paper inflexible, but digital technology can be characterless and dull. If you want to stick with a PC or iPad, yet channel your inner Hunter S. Thompson while smashing out words, Rymek ($TBA) will this June hurl you back to the halcyon days of the classic typewriter. As you […]

CEENIU Power Dock is a sleek aluminium mouse pad that can charge up to five devices at once – Misc Handhelds – Keyboards & Mice

Fully charged. Your notebook and devices might have got skinnier over the years, but that’s not much help when you need to cart about a small pile of bulky chargers to keep them all juiced up. CEENIU Power Dock ($69) offers a better alternative. Masquerading as an aluminium mouse pad sleek and thin enough to […]

Logitech’s G305 mouse brings hardcore gaming chops to the budget end of the market – PC – Keyboards & Mice

This rodent roars. An accurate, responsive wireless mouse is as much a key component of any self-respecting PC gamer’s arsenal as a big can of Monster, three bags of Doritos and one of those chairs that makes you look like a racing driver, but all too often manufacturers expect you to shell out the big […]