Monthly Archives: September 2017

Logitech brings back the trackball with the wireless MX Ergo – Keyboards & Mice

Return of the track (sorry). Some things – wallet chains and Leisure Suit Larry, to name a few examples – are best left in the past. Not the iconic trackball mouse, though, which Logitech has announced they are bringing back in the shape of the MX Ergo, nearly a decade since its last new entry into the […]

Razer’s Basilisk mouse takes aim at first person shooters – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

Customisable gaming comfort – but you have to bring the headshots. It says a lot about Razer’s expansion into all things PC-gaming related that it’s a bit of surprise when the company actually releases a mouse – one of the peripherals the company built its reputation on. But here we are, looking at the new […]

BenQ’s new ZOWIE Celeritas II keyboard is aimed at pros – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

All-optical, all-eSports – that’s where BenQ’s aiming its latest gaming keyboard. Most gamers may be going mad about mechanical keyboards, but BenQ’s latest eschews Cherry and similar flavouring in favour of optical switches – and the ZOWIE Celeritas II isn’t aimed just at the usual punters, but at dedicated eSports players. The Celeritas II’s optical […]