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KUMO is a tiny and fully programmable mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable keys – Keyboards & Mice

If you’re the kind of person who’d sooner crush their fingers in a vice than type using anything other than a mechanical keyboard, you’ve got problems. Other than the finger-crushing, we mean. Such keyboards are hardly known for their portability and svelte nature. Until now, because KUMO ($150) is ridiculously small, and yet hugely versatile. […]

Review: Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID – Keyboards & Mice

Sitting aloof upon its executive pedestal amid the rainbow deluge of RGB mechanical keyboards sits this. Despite its probably plain appearance on the page photo, in the metallic flesh this is a real stunner to behold. The sharp-edged base is just 4mm high, and the base slab is sufficiently – and no more – large […]