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Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is designed for eSports – PC – Keyboards & Mice

You wouldn’t take to the pitch in the Etihad wearing a beat-up pair of footie boots, so why play eSports using your standard mouse? The Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is designed for professional eSports athletes, though admittedly that is stretching the definition of the word ‘athlete’. The 16K sensor offers superior speed, accuracy […]

The Logitech MX Vertical is an upstanding mouse in more ways than one – Keyboards & Mice

Ergonomic mice (mouses?) are known for looking a little unusual, but the Logitech MX Vertical looks like a compact camera in a dock. Its 57-degree angle is apparently optimum for reducing strain on your forearm and wrist during hours of work and play – it takes a natural handshake position, which is supposed to reduce […]

One Minute Review: Razer Goliathus Chroma mouse pad – Keyboards & Mice

You may not need an RGB-lit mouse pad, but there’s no denying it looks cool. The Golithus ‘Chroma’ is an updated version of Razer’s best-selling soft mouse pad that now includes an RGB edging. It’ll do all the usual RGB tricks – breathing, spectrum cycling and reactive, as well as your own custom efforts.  When […]

KUMO is a tiny and fully programmable mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable keys – Keyboards & Mice

If you’re the kind of person who’d sooner crush their fingers in a vice than type using anything other than a mechanical keyboard, you’ve got problems. Other than the finger-crushing, we mean. Such keyboards are hardly known for their portability and svelte nature. Until now, because KUMO ($150) is ridiculously small, and yet hugely versatile. […]

Review: Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID – Keyboards & Mice

Sitting aloof upon its executive pedestal amid the rainbow deluge of RGB mechanical keyboards sits this. Despite its probably plain appearance on the page photo, in the metallic flesh this is a real stunner to behold. The sharp-edged base is just 4mm high, and the base slab is sufficiently – and no more – large […]

The Rymek retro mechanical keyboard is a typewriter with modern smarts for your iPad and PC – Misc Handhelds – Keyboards & Mice

Just our type. Modern writers might find paper inflexible, but digital technology can be characterless and dull. If you want to stick with a PC or iPad, yet channel your inner Hunter S. Thompson while smashing out words, Rymek ($TBA) will this June hurl you back to the halcyon days of the classic typewriter. As you […]

CEENIU Power Dock is a sleek aluminium mouse pad that can charge up to five devices at once – Misc Handhelds – Keyboards & Mice

Fully charged. Your notebook and devices might have got skinnier over the years, but that’s not much help when you need to cart about a small pile of bulky chargers to keep them all juiced up. CEENIU Power Dock ($69) offers a better alternative. Masquerading as an aluminium mouse pad sleek and thin enough to […]

Logitech’s G305 mouse brings hardcore gaming chops to the budget end of the market – PC – Keyboards & Mice

This rodent roars. An accurate, responsive wireless mouse is as much a key component of any self-respecting PC gamer’s arsenal as a big can of Monster, three bags of Doritos and one of those chairs that makes you look like a racing driver, but all too often manufacturers expect you to shell out the big […]

PureShape is a minimalist mousepad for Apple’s Magic Mouse, inspired by Dieter Rams – Keyboards & Mice

No more squeaks Apple’s Magic Mouse might be a sleek piece of kit, but that doesn’t mean it gets on with your desk. Perhaps your cursor randomly goes nuts, annoying noises emanate from beneath your clawed hand, or there’s more friction than your wrist (and desk, for that matter) would prefer. In which case, PureShape […]

Kira is a classic-feel mechanical keyboard ‘arted up’ with trippy RGB backlighting – Keyboards & Mice

Keys are good. If you consider the typing experience on modern notebooks an insult to your fingers, you might like the sound of Kira ($179 – or $259 for the metal-framed version) – and we mean that literally. Closer in nature to a typewriter than a MacBook keyboard, Kira’s chunky keys use a range of […]