Monthly Archives: March 2018

Write any word you damn well like with this brilliant Scrabble-themed keyboard – Peripherals – Keyboards & Mice

Comes with swap-in triple-word score caps. Want to be reminded of furious family arguments from years gone by every time go to type a boring email? Then you’ll want to pick up this Scrabble keyboard. A collaboration between Massdrop and Hasbro, it’s a set of keycaps paired with an entry-level tenkeyless keyboard from WASD. The colour […]

Apple patents a way to keep your keyboard crumb free – Keyboards & Mice

Have you ever turned your keyboard upside down to find enough crumbs to form a whole new sandwich dropping to your desk like some kind of disgusting, non-festive snow globe? Apple has a patent that could mean future MacBook owners are spared this unedifying spectacle: a keyboard design that repels crumbs, dust and dirt to […]