Microsoft gets button-happy with the Surface Precision Mouse – Keyboards & Mice


Back in the game.

While there’s nothing at all that’s wrong with the original Surface Mouse, its functionality doesn’t extend much beyond the standard click and scroll. Once upon a time Microsoft was in the business of making feature-laden desktop mice, which is exactly what the the Surface Precision Mouse is.

Launching alongside the Surface Book 2, the mouse adopts a pleasingly minimalist design, although it does look to be for right-handers only. On the side you’ll find three buttons, all of which can be customised to perform different tasks. One could be programmed to save documents, for example, while another will launch your favourite apps. Those using Windows can connect through Bluetooth or Micro USB, but it’s sadly wired-only for the Apple crowd.

Like its 2-in-1 counterpart, the $US99 Surface Precision Mouse will launch on November 16 in the US, and we shouldn’t be too far behind.