Monthly Archives: April 2018

PureShape is a minimalist mousepad for Apple’s Magic Mouse, inspired by Dieter Rams – Keyboards & Mice

No more squeaks Apple’s Magic Mouse might be a sleek piece of kit, but that doesn’t mean it gets on with your desk. Perhaps your cursor randomly goes nuts, annoying noises emanate from beneath your clawed hand, or there’s more friction than your wrist (and desk, for that matter) would prefer. In which case, PureShape […]

Kira is a classic-feel mechanical keyboard ‘arted up’ with trippy RGB backlighting – Keyboards & Mice

Keys are good. If you consider the typing experience on modern notebooks an insult to your fingers, you might like the sound of Kira ($179 – or $259 for the metal-framed version) – and we mean that literally. Closer in nature to a typewriter than a MacBook keyboard, Kira’s chunky keys use a range of […]