Turn your mechanical keyboard into a Next Generation LCARS interface – Keyboards & Mice

Roddenberry Shop reveals a custom key-cap set that’ll put you on the bridge of the Enterprise D.

When the Roddenberry Shop works on a new Star Trek collectible, it really takes its job seriously. Check out this new set of keycaps for Cherry MX mechanicaly keyboards to see what I mean – each is coloured based on Mike Okuda’s timeless LCARS interface design, and even the key names have been changed to match the source material.

Backspace is now Rescan; Return/Enter is Engage, and Shift is Pattern Enhance. It’s brilliant!

The key-cap set, which comes in packages for both ten-key and ten-keyless keyboards, are manufactured well known key-cap maker, Signature Plastics, and the original designs were made in consultation with keyboard enthusiasts on Geekhack.org.

The key-caps are designed for any Cherry MX keyboard – just pop off your old caps and apply these new ones. If you’re more adventurous, you can even get a whole new housing, made of machined aluminium and matched the colour of the Enterprise D’s bridge fittings.

When Roddenberry Shop announced the set, they were asking for a 150 pre-order before confirming the set would go into production. As of writing, 212 have already been sold, so it’s a going concern.

I suspect I will be customer number 213… You can pre-order the Galaxy Class set here.

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