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Logitech brings back the trackball with the wireless MX Ergo – Keyboards & Mice

Return of the track (sorry). Some things – wallet chains and Leisure Suit Larry, to name a few examples – are best left in the past. Not the iconic trackball mouse, though, which Logitech has announced they are bringing back in the shape of the MX Ergo, nearly a decade since its last new entry into the […]

Razer’s Basilisk mouse takes aim at first person shooters – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

Customisable gaming comfort – but you have to bring the headshots. It says a lot about Razer’s expansion into all things PC-gaming related that it’s a bit of surprise when the company actually releases a mouse – one of the peripherals the company built its reputation on. But here we are, looking at the new […]

BenQ’s new ZOWIE Celeritas II keyboard is aimed at pros – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

All-optical, all-eSports – that’s where BenQ’s aiming its latest gaming keyboard. Most gamers may be going mad about mechanical keyboards, but BenQ’s latest eschews Cherry and similar flavouring in favour of optical switches – and the ZOWIE Celeritas II isn’t aimed just at the usual punters, but at dedicated eSports players. The Celeritas II’s optical […]

HyperX reveals new Alloy Elite mechanical keyboard – Peripherals – Keyboards & Mice

Complete with Cherry switches and lighting because that’s how 2017 rolls. HyperX has just added to its growing keyboard lineup with the new Alloy elite gaming keyboard. Powered by mechanical switches (and, you know, your own fingers), the Alloy Elite is aimed at gamers looking for a little more bling and solidity in their lives. Aside […]

Cooler Master unveils MM520 and MM530 gaming mice – Peripherals – Keyboards & Mice

Claw or palm grip – it’s your pick! There are two types of people in the world – those who calmly grip their mice in the palm of their hand in a relaxed, rational manner, and those who grip it with a twisted claw of hate, an intimation of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome to […]