The Rymek retro mechanical keyboard is a typewriter with modern smarts for your iPad and PC – Misc Handhelds – Keyboards & Mice

Just our type.

Modern writers might find paper inflexible, but digital technology can be characterless and dull. If you want to stick with a PC or iPad, yet channel your inner Hunter S. Thompson while smashing out words, Rymek ($TBA) will this June hurl you back to the halcyon days of the classic typewriter.

As you hammer away, its saddle-shaped keys make all the right noises (and possibly enemies of anyone within earshot), but this retro keyboard isn’t entirely rooted in the past. You can connect up to four devices, balance an iPad in its ‘paper tray’, and pleasingly use the platen knob and carriage return handle to, respectively, adjust volume and switch between wired/wireless modes.

For late-night sessions, you even get backlit keys – something Stuffimagines Thompson only got through his decidedly ‘unique’ diet.

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