Logitech’s G305 mouse brings hardcore gaming chops to the budget end of the market – PC – Keyboards & Mice

This rodent roars.

An accurate, responsive wireless mouse is as much a key component of any self-respecting PC gamer’s arsenal as a big can of Monster, three bags of Doritos and one of those chairs that makes you look like a racing driver, but all too often manufacturers expect you to shell out the big bucks.

Not so Logitech, which has just trotted out the G305 (US$60, Australian price TBC). While it keeps things basic on the styling front (no fancy programmable LEDs here), this lightweight, battery-powered mouse comes with Logitech’s most accurate optical sensor, six customisable buttons and a teeny tiny 1ms response time to all but eliminate lag.

Plus it runs off a single easy-to-replace AA battery that provides up to 250 hours of frantic clicking, making it the ideal travel mouse to pack alongside your laptop.

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