CEENIU Power Dock is a sleek aluminium mouse pad that can charge up to five devices at once – Misc Handhelds – Keyboards & Mice

Fully charged.

Your notebook and devices might have got skinnier over the years, but that’s not much help when you need to cart about a small pile of bulky chargers to keep them all juiced up.

CEENIU Power Dock ($69) offers a better alternative. Masquerading as an aluminium mouse pad sleek and thin enough to make Jony Ive wiggle an eyebrow appreciatively, Power Dock includes built-in wireless charging, and plenty of USB ports (one micro-USB, one USB-C, and three USB-A). It’ll charge up to five devices while it’s getting charged itself, should be good for a couple of full iPhone X or Samsung 8 charges on the road, and can additionally double as a heat prevention pad to stop your notebook toasting your nethers.

Plonk your cash down now, and you’ll be in charging, mousing, and coolish lap bliss come August.

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