Razer’s new BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard can survive a splash – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

Clumsy gamers rejoice.

They say three things are certain in this life: death, taxes and – at some point – knocking a full can of Coke all over your keyboard.

The latter is a constantly looming threat for PC gamers, especially the type prone to wildly lashing out when a camping sniper takes them out for fourth straight round. If it works as advertised, the latest BlackWidow Ultimate in Razer’s mechanical keyboard range will be able to withstand an accidental spillage. With an IP54 water and dust resistance rating, you shouldn’t be taking this thing in the bath, but a splash or two shouldn’t cause it any trouble.

This is obviously the keyboard’s major selling point, but you’re also getting Razer’s backlit green keys, which are programmable and can be customised to produce animated effects such as waves and ripples. 

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