PureShape is a minimalist mousepad for Apple’s Magic Mouse, inspired by Dieter Rams – Keyboards & Mice

No more squeaks

Apple’s Magic Mouse might be a sleek piece of kit, but that doesn’t mean it gets on with your desk. Perhaps your cursor randomly goes nuts, annoying noises emanate from beneath your clawed hand, or there’s more friction than your wrist (and desk, for that matter) would prefer.

In which case, PureShape ($49) could be just what the doctor ordered. Inspired by the minimal aesthetic of Dieter Rams, this mousepad’s non-slip foam and laser-cut steel form is designed to reduce friction, increase precision, and eliminate mouse noise as you use your Mac. It also comes with the SmartSlider add-on for the mouse’s underside, and an adorable MouseProtector to stop your mouse getting scratched when in a drawer or bag – although we suspect Rams himself might raise an eyebrow on seeing a claimed minimalist designer invoking the memory of iPod socks.

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