PS5 and Xbox restock: 70,000 people bought a console from my alerts – here are my tips

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(Image credit: Matt Swider / Instagram)

PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider has helped 70,000 people in the US buy a next-gen console in 2021 with his tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts and exclusive restock reporting.

Update: The PS5 and Xbox restock opportunities I send alerts about have resulted in more than 70,000 people getting a next-gen console. Here’s how to get alerts today, August 8, if you’re in the US.

PS5 and Xbox Series X restock challenges in August 2021 continue, but I’ve found a way – well, many ways – to know precisely when stores in the US have the consoles in stock. It’s through both my 24/7 PS5 and Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker account and my exclusive restock news reporting that I’ve sent real-time updates to followers, growing from 21,000 Twitter followers to 837,789 followers in six months. American stores like GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and Target have the Sony and Microsoft consoles in stock at random times.

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