Cooler Master unveils MM520 and MM530 gaming mice – Peripherals – Keyboards & Mice

Claw or palm grip – it’s your pick!

There are two types of people in the world – those who calmly grip their mice in the palm of their hand in a relaxed, rational manner, and those who grip it with a twisted claw of hate, an intimation of RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome to come.

And Cooler Master, with its two new mice, lovingly embraces both halves of this eternal duality.

The MasterMouse MM530 (we’re guessing the MM stands for MasterMouse, making this technically the MasterMouse MasterMouse MM530) follows on from Cooler Master’s previous Mizar and Alcor mice. It’s ergonomically designed and molded for palm grippers, based around the well-respected Intelli design of Microsoft’s. Rubber side-grips and a finger rest make it great for FPS gameplay.

The MM520 follows in the cramped footsteps of the Spawn mouse, and features a longer body for claw-grip victims gamers.

Both mice use a Pixart 3360 12000 DPI sensors and Omron switches. And yes, before you ask, there’s RGB lighting in three distinct zones.

The MM520 and MM530 will be available next month, and retail for $59.

PS: I’m a claw grip gamer myself, don’t @ me.