Razer’s Basilisk mouse takes aim at first person shooters – Peripherals – PC – Keyboards & Mice

Customisable gaming comfort – but you have to bring the headshots.

It says a lot about Razer’s expansion into all things PC-gaming related that it’s a bit of surprise when the company actually releases a mouse – one of the peripherals the company built its reputation on. But here we are, looking at the new Basilisk gaming mouse, and it looks like another solid Razer rodent.

The Basilisk (which will not kill you by looking at you, thanks to a distinct lack of eyes) boasts 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor, capable of tracking up to 450 inches per second. You can fiddle with the resistance on the scroll wheel to get it just right for swapping weapons in PUBG, and a removable/swappable clutch button that is – by default – set to lower to the DPI of your mouse. Or you can program it, along with eight other buttons, to do whatever you want.

If you take it off, it can be replaced with a rubber thumb grip for extra… er… grip. Yeah.

“The customizability of the Razer Basilisk sets it apart from other FPS mice, and is something that we’re incredibly proud of,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO, in a recent release. “This is a mouse designed for tweaking that last ounce of performance out of each gamer’s specific FPS playstyle. For games like CS:GO, PUBG, Quake, and the likes, there’s nothing better.”

The mouse also has Chroma lighting, because that’s just what we’re forced to live with these days. The Basilisk is available this month, and retails for $109.95.