KUMO is a tiny and fully programmable mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable keys – Keyboards & Mice

If you’re the kind of person who’d sooner crush their fingers in a vice than type using anything other than a mechanical keyboard, you’ve got problems. Other than the finger-crushing, we mean. Such keyboards are hardly known for their portability and svelte nature.

Until now, because KUMO ($150) is ridiculously small, and yet hugely versatile. It’s compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS, and is fully programmable, so you can define layouts and macros. You can remove and rearrange keys however you see fit, and even use specific switches for certain keys. And the personalisation doesn’t stop there – three RGB LEDs are included in the board, presumably enabling you to go ‘full disco’ when work gets a little bit too much and you need an immediate injection of colour in your life.

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