Nvidia Shield TV Pro review

There’s certainly a ton of inexpensive streaming devices to choose from. From Fire TV Cubes to Roku streaming sticks, if all you’re after is the latest movies and shows streamed without hassle, you can do so without breaking the bank. But what if you’re after a bit more ‘oomph’ from the gadgets serving your TV?

Enter this edition of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. An Android-powered set-top-box / games console, is an impressively powerful streaming device, and is jam-packed with features that will tempt both movie buffs and gamers alike. 

Whether you’re after high-spec PC gaming streamed to your TV, or 4K movies in multiple HDR formats, it’s got you covered. It does offer less value for money than previous models however, despite a bump in specs.

(Image credit: Future)

Nvidia Shield TV Pro price and availability

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