Bad food and bands I’ve never heard of: The Sims 4 music festival is almost the real thing

I’ve never attended a proper music festival. Sure, I’ve attended one-off days of live outdoor concerts but nothing that comes close to the likes of Glastonbury or Shambhala. According to friends, the true “festival experience” is an entirely different affair than what I’ve partaken in. Their tales paint the picture of a weekend of debauchery, live music and (most likely) rain – as well as some unsavory bathroom options. 

But, thanks to my anxiety, the prospect of committing to this for a weekend – in a field of thousands – is a nightmare. What would I do if I had an anxiety attack? How would I get home? What if I got lost? These compulsive and ever-nagging questions pick away at me every time I optimistically hover over the “buy now” button for festival tickets, ultimately winning out and leaving me with the determination that one day I will silence them and go. And I finally did pluck up that courage, only for the ongoing pandemic to shut down my quest once again.

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