Azio keyboard makes the mundane memorable – Keyboards & Mice

Mechanical QWERTY lends even the most boring tasks a real sense of gravitas.

It’s all very well using some cheapo slab of plastic if all you’re tapping out on your QWERTY is some boring spreadsheets and the odd email, but what if your craft has a higher purpose than that? That novel you’ve always had in you will come out much more easily if it’s typed on an Azio Retro Classic mechanical keyboard (from US$120).

With clicky keys reminiscent of an old-timey shop till, three different finishes (the one above is called Onyx) and a choice of either USB or Bluetooth connection, every time you use it you’ll feel like Hemingway writing up his memoirs, not Gareth writing a complaint to Tesco about some sub-standard parsnips.

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