About US

We are a group of gamers who have played computer games together since 1998. Having a lot of computer gaming experience, we understand the importance of the gears to gamers, good gears could change everything. However, all the gears back then are very limited and expensive. It costed us a fortune to get some simple gears back then.

Thus, we establish Online Gaming Gear – an online retailer to fulfill two wishes: (i) Bringing affordable and high quality gaming gears to all gamers around the world; and (ii) changing the way gamers think about gaming gear by offering high-quality products at a revolutionary price. 

We didn’t have chance to do it before, but now we hope that the power of the Internet and eCommerce will help us cut out the retail markup and provide premium computer gaming gear directly to all gamers. 

We are looking forward to be at your service.

Here's what we want to introduce to your gaming world

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

High Quality gaming mouse and keyboard with latest design, technologies and lot of features for your gaming.

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Gaming Headphone & Headset

Latest gaming headphones & headsets with high quality that suitable for all of online gaming, even it’s RPG, RTS, sport or shooting games.

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Gaming headphone

Mouse Pad & Other Gears

High quality mouse pad that could be customized; and other accessories are also provided. Your battle will be much more interesting than ever

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